World mosquito day

On August 20, 1897, Sir Ronald Ross discovered that female mosquitoes can transmit malaria from human to human. Ross received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1902 for his work on the transmission of malaria. He also earned legendary recognition with a holiday to celebrate his discovery, August 20th. The London School of Hygiene World Mosquito Dayand Tropical Medicine organizes World Mosquito Day celebrations every year since the 1930’s. Ross discovered a malarial parasite living in the intestinal tract of a mosquito and proved that malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes. His findings laid the foundation for advanced studies on malaria and how to cure it. Despite huge progress in the fight against malaria, global efforts have now stalled and, for the first time, we’re seeing malaria rising in the highest burden countries.

World Mosquito Day is also a time to raise awareness for the many other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are considered to be the worlds deadliest animal. The mosquito kills more people than any other creature in the world. This is due to their ability to spread a long list of diseases such as dengue, West Nile, yellow fever, Zika, chikungunya, lymphatic filariasis and more. Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a tweet just two days ago (Tuesday, 18 August 2020) asking citizens to stay safe from vector-borne diseases. Modi says, “This is the season of tropical and vector-borne diseases. I urge you all to take the right precautions. The Government is also closely monitoring the situation and ensuring care to those affected. Stay safe, be happy!”.

Mosquito Control in Charleston

Pest Control Companies in Charleston, SC are essential for locals. Mosquitoes love our hot and humid weather. So, Charleston’s subtropical climate puts us at risk for diseases that are spread through mosquitoes. They thrive in areas close to bodies of water, which includes most properties in the Charleston area. Luckily, Advanced Termite and Pest Control can significantly reduce the mosquitoes on your property. You can learn more about how we are able to treat mosquitoes effectively here.

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