West Nile Virus in Charleston

With all of the nuisances that mosquitoes bring, the West Nile Virus is yet another reason to protect your family, your property, and yourself against mosquitoes.

Charleston summers are great for many reasons. Mosquito infestations are not one of them. The combination of the scorching hot weather in contrast with sudden afternoon downpours leave stagnant water for a mosquito breeding ground. Although most of us in the Lowcountry have become accustomed to those itchy bites, the West Nile virus takes the severity of these bites to a whole new level. The disease is originally transferred from bird to mosquito, then mosquito to human. Symptoms of the West Nile Virus can range from neck stiffness, disorientation, muscle weakness, and even paralysis. The extreme summer heat only speeds up the mosquito life cycle and infiltration of the virus. Many fear that this summer may be the worst outbreak since the discovery of the disease in 2002.

Although only affecting 1 in 150 who contract the virus, epidemiologists seem to be on high alert. Most striking was the Post and Courier’s quote by Linn Haramis of the Illinois Dept. of Health, “The risk is high and people need to listen. This thing could put you in a wheelchair at age 60 for the rest of your life.”

Over the years, many West Nile Virus cases have been confirmed in South Carolina, including Charleston.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Remove any nearby standing water

Keep outdoor activity a minimum during mosquito peak activity (both dusk and dawn)

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