Pest Control Facts!

DID YOU KNOW?! Pest Control Edition

  • Some male spiders pluck their cobwebs like guitars to attract female spiders.
  • Ants do not sleep.
  • When alarmed, Asian Lady Beetles spontaneously bleed from their legs.
  • The American Cockroach has shown a marked attraction to alcoholic beverages, especially beer.
  • In a study, Termites ate through wood two times faster when listening to rock music.
  • Male fruit flies sing and dance to attract females.
  • Researchers believe that bed bug populations spread so quickly because the females are constantly moving to get as far away from males as possible.
  • During studies in which mice were exposed to the music of heavy metal band Anthrax, these guys killed each other.

    Cockroach Drinking Beer

    American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) drinking out of the cap of a beer bottle. Image Copyright: Heidi & Hans-Juergen Koch

  • A cockroach can live over a week without its head. The roach only dies because without a mouth, it can’t drink water and dies of thirst.
  • Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all wars in history.
  • Rats contaminate and destroy enough food worldwide each year to feed 200 million people.
  • Crickets hear through their knees.
  • Cockroaches can run up to three miles in an hour.
  • When the only queen ant or termite dies, so does the entire colony because no new workers are born.
  • Houseflies can taste with their feet — they have taste buds on them.
  • To survive the cold of winter months, many insects replace their body water with a chemical called glycerol, which acts as an antifreeze against the temperatures.
  • For every human there are about 1 million ants.
  • Bed bugs can live for several months without a blood meal. This means they can linger in furniture for a long time until they are near a human host again.
  • All insects on Earth would outweigh all animals if put on a scale.
  • When honeybee queens are dying, they emit a pheromone that makes them smell like a stranger bee, so all the workers in the colony form a ball and kill her

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