Termites in Charleston

Termites in Charleston are extremely common. Our humid climate causes moist wood that termites love. The following signs are red flags for termites in Charleston:

Damaged wood

Charleston Advanced Termite and Pest Control

Termite Mud Tubes

Carton nests

Alates (flying termites)

Discarded swarmer wings

Mud Tubes

If you are seeing any of these tell tale termite signs, it is definitely a good time to get your home or business protected from these guys before they take over your home! If you’re living in the Charleston area, there is a high chance that they will. Termites love the moisture that Charleston’s humidity brings.


Conditions Conducive to Infestation of Termites in Charleston:

  • Moisture
  • Wood to ground contact
  • Tree Stumps
  • Firewood
  • Located in or near Charleston, South Carolina
Termites in Charleston

Our Termite Damage Display from real properties in Charleston, SC

That last one might come as a surprise to some people! Termite Control in Charleston, SC is so essential because Charleston and the surrounding areas have the highest concentration of Formosan termites in the United States. Many people are unaware of this, but if more Charlestonian’s knew about the high concentration of termites around us, more homeowners would have their homes protected.

Worker termites forage 24 hours a day… often without the property owner knowing it, and just one termite colony consumes an average of one pound of house per day! This adds up to dangerous levels of termite damage if left untreated.

These relentless insects can travel more than 100 yards in search of food. So, if your neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor has termites, you could too. Especially if they treat their termite infested property. If that happens, the colony will be forced to search for a new source of food. There is a good chance that your property could become that new food source.

Advanced Termite + Pest Control knows that in order to eliminated the entire termite colony, you must get rid of the queen. This is because the queen can produce thousands of eggs in a day! Advanced Termite + Pest Control uses Sentricon’s proven baiting system to combat termites. Not only is this system more effective than liquid treatments, it’s much more environmentally friendly. The reason for this is because this system does not require any product to be sprayed in nor around your home. Instead, special bating stations will be installed around the perimeter of your property. This is great because it lures the termites out of your home and into the stations. Without her worker termites, the queen will not survive!

If you are worried about termites in Charleston and are looking for Termite Protection on your home or business, please reach out to Advanced Termite + Pest Control at (843)795-6767! We always do Free Termite Assessments!

Check out the Baiting System video on our Termite Control page!