Termite Bond in Summerville SC

Termite Agreements

A termite bond in Summerville, SC necessary for any structure. At Advanced Termite and Pest control, termite bonds are referred to as termite agreements. Everyone’s situation is different. Therefore everyone needing termite bond Summerville SC should be discussed and agreed upon between the homeowner and a termite professional. This is why we offer Free Termite Assessments. It is also why we call them agreements rather than bonds.

In addition, we hire only the best technicians and use the highest quality products across the board. As far as termite protection goes, we use Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination with Always Active Technology. Rather than liquid, Sentricon is a termite baiting solution that eliminates the entire colony and protects from future colony invasions.

Termite bond Summerville SC - Termite damage has cost U.S. homeowners $50 billion per decade
Sentricon Certified

Unfortunately, you can not just go and buy the Sentricon Baiting System at the hardware store like many other pesticides. In order to get Sentricon Baiting stations to protect your property, you will have to have a Certified Sentricon Specialist assess your property. Click here to watch a video on why Sentricon reigns supreme over other termite protection. Liquid termite treatment is a treatment of the past. Science has determined that Sentricon baiting stations are a much more effective way to treat termites. Sentricon is the best termite protection available. The White House, The Statue of Liberty, and many other national landmarks are protected by Sentricon. Sentricon is necessary in every state in the country except for Alaska. That includes Summerville, SC!

Conducive Termite Conditions in summerville

The moist, humid climate in Summerville can create conducive termite conditions. This is why it is important to protect your home from termites. Encapsulating your crawlspace is a great way to prevent wood destroying organisms like termites. It protects your home from other pests like rodents and roaches, too!

We often find that leaky pipes are also a common cause of moisture collection, perfect for a termite colony and fungi. Wood to ground contact is also a common conducive termite condition. This usually occurs when there is a stack of logs next to the home or other wood debris against the house. The removal of wood to ground contact is an easy way to reduce conducive termite conditions on your property.

what if i already have termites?

Many people wait until they see a termite to take action. This is an issue because by the time you see a termite, its colony most likely has already done serious damage by then. In addition, home insurance companies do not cover termite damage because it is preventable. Luckily, Sentricon will eliminate active termites. It will also prevent future termite colonies from invading your home. With Advanced Termite and Pest Control, you’ll have peace of mind. All of our technicians are Sentricon Certified. One must be Sentricon Certified in order to get Sentricon. In other words, you can not purchase Sentricon from the hardware store like other pest control.

How Sentricon Works

Sentricon works by eliminating an entire termite colony using the bait in the stations that will be installed around your home. Worker termites share this bait with the rest of the colony and once ingested, it will prevent termites from being able to mature, which ultimately kills off the entire colony. The active ingredient works slowly enough that the termites do not get alarmed. This way, almost all of the termites will eat the bait, eliminating the colony.

Around the perimeter of your home, Sentricon baiting stations will be isntalled. Usually, about 10 to 20 feet apart. This way, the stations distribute the bait to termites, killing workers, soldiers and the queen, preventing them from ever reaching your home.

How often should my bait stations be checked?

Your Sentricon bait stations should be checked at least once per year. However, at Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we do bi-annual Sentricon Checks. We do this as an extra precaution to ensure our customers’ home is protected thoroughly. Included in your installation or renewal are your two Sentricon checks. You will not need to be home for the technician to check your stations unless you prefer this! As long as the technician has access to your front and back yard, you will not need to be home. Additionally, when you renew your termite bond in Summerville, SC, we will come back for a third inspection. This inspection is a more thorough inspection of the entire structure in order to make sure there is no termite activity and everything is working properly.

Termite Bond Summerville SC - Termites can travel more than 100 yards in search of food. If your neighbor's neighbor's neighbor has termites, you could, too.
Choose Advanced for your termite agreement

To get your termite bond in Summerville, SC, just give our office a call or shoot us an email. We also have a page on our site where you can message us directly. On our home page, you have the option to chat with a person when you click the blue message sign on the bottom right. Our phone number here is 843-795-6767. Our email address is Help@Charleston-Pest-Control.com.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any termite, pest, or rodent concerns. There is a live person available to answer your call 24/7 and answer and questions you may have. You can have peace of mind knowing that your termite agreement is with an established company. We’ve been around for ten years. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in our services. Advanced was voted Charleston’s Choice for pest control in 2020 by The Post and Couriers Charleston’s Choice Awards.

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