Termite Baiting Stations

Termite Baiting Stations

The times of liquid termite protection have come and gone. The liquid termite bonds require drilling into the foundation of your home. In addition, the product gets diluted with the rain and flooding in Charleston. Therefore, the run off from this is terrible for the environment. These are just a couple of reasons why termite baiting is better termite protection, but the most important reason is that the baiting stations are simply more effective. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we use the best termite bait stations available. Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination Baiting System is the absolute best termite protection on the market. The Sentricon® system is the No. 1 brand in termite protection. It was the first baiting system to eliminate termites at the source. As a result, Sentricon continues to lead the way with advanced technologies and optimized service practices. You can learn more about the science of Sentricon here.

Termites in Charleston, SC; Dewees Island

Here is a video of one of our customers on Dewees Island showing their Sentricon Termite Baiting Stations. Subsequently, you can see the termite bait we use is preferable to the termites. Therefore, the stations are keeping them out of their home. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we perform 3 inspections per year on your home to check for termite activity and to make sure the baiting stations are in their best condition. So, If at any point while your home is protected with Sentricon and you see activity, we will be happy to come take care of it. Above all, customer service is our number one priority her at Advanced Termite and Pest Control. So, that is why we have a happiness guarantee on our services. We take pride in the amount of 5 star google reviews we have and hope to make you our next happy customer.

Dewees Island Pest Control Company Having Fun on the Island
Termite bait! Pest bait! Fish bait? Wayne having fun doing termite inspections in Dewees Island

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