Beach on Sullivan's Island
Beach on Sullivan’s Island

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly Sullivan’s Island pest control company, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced, licensed technicians can help you tackle even the most challenging pest control problems. And with our “perimeter pest control” method, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals coming near your home or your family.

Through years of experience, we’ve found that the most effective way to not only kill pests but prevent them from coming back is to strategically apply our products to key areas outside the home (around the “perimeter”). This means that pests get stopped before they even get near your home, and assures that pesticides don’t get near your family.

Another advantage of our method is that you don’t even have to be at home when we come to do the treatment. How convenient is that? No need to schedule an appointment in the middle of your busy day because we don’t even need to be inside the house. And you have the peace of mind in knowing that we guarantee all of our work. If you have any problems at all, just call us and we’ll come back.

Because the warm, humid climate of South Carolina is a perfect breeding ground for a wide range of pests, there are a lot of pest control companies to choose from. As a member of the National Pest Management Association, the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association, and the South Carolina Pest Control Association, you can be confident that we will resolve your pest issue will be resolved in a safe, professional way.

If you’re ready to take back your home from pests, give us a call at 843-795-6767 or contact us. We have the tools, experience and training to help with any pest control problem.