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Welcome to Advanced Termite + Pest Control, your pest and termite experts in Charleston!

You’re here because you’ve been hearing about giant, parachuting spiders invading the east coast!

Joro Spiders are a relatively new species in SC and are not considered a threat.  They are actually beneficial as they feed on other pests around your home.  Their webs can span ten ft and they can be identified by their flashy color of bright yellow with dark blue stripes, like its relatives, Orb weavers and yellow garden spiders.

While you don’t have to worry about Joro spiders, our bi-monthly pest control service can help lessen the amount of common household spiders, along with widow spiders. 

Our service includes spider brushing the exterior entryways and windows of your home to knock down webs.  We will also dust voids where spiders like to spin their webs and hunker down.  Treatments to the interior of your garage are also beneficial as spiders like to hang out where there is darkness and clutter.  Since spiders don’t “groom” like other insects, liquid barrier treatments aren’t effective.

If you want to be spider free, call Advanced Termite + Pest Control today at (843) 795-6767