Welcome to the AMosquito Controldvanced Termite and Pest Control podcast. This is Katie. Today we’re going to talk about silverfish. silverfish are a silvery, wingless insect, sometimes called bristle tails due to their long bristle like tail. They’re found in areas of high moisture and high humidity like bathrooms and attics, even crawl spaces. They are nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. So what attracts them to your home? And no, it’s not because your house is dirty. Well, silver fish aren’t harmful to us health wise, they are attracted to common household items like books, wallpaper, clothing and pantry items like flour, their main food sources anything starchy glue cereal, even clothing. Keeping your home free of things like old magazines and newspapers in those high moisture areas can help prevent an infestation. Also, controlling the moisture under your home with a vapor barrier dehumidifier will help keep humidity levels down. How do you know if you have an infestation? Spotting an infestation is a little more difficult aside from seeing the actual insect. Feeding marks can be present in the form of holes or notches, scales left behind and yellow staining or feces which is as small as black pepper flakes are also indicators. If you do suspect you have an infestation it’s best to call a licensed pest professional to inspect and recommend treatment or technicians at Advanced Termite and Pest Control will start with a thorough inspection and recommend a treatment plan. Our preferred pest plan is every other month or monthly, we use various pesticides and traps to eliminate your infestation. To learn more, call us at 843-795-6767