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Hey John here again with Advanced Termite and Pest Control here to talk to you about one of the worst wintertime pests, rodents. So this could be moles, voles, mice or rats. And primarily I want to talk to you about rats. Rats make our way into home from any openings in the walls. So this includes any place where there’s a plumbing penetration in your crawlspace or attic, ah back penetration in your crawlspace and attic are even sometimes squeezing to the front door, as these little guys only need about a quarter of an inch or the width of a few coins stacked together to slide into a space. And when it comes to going inside of your home, rodents are looking for it this time of year. They want all that warmth and all that food that we have year round, but they only need it in the winter. So if you suspect that you’ve seen chewing on your home scratch doors, damage to your attic insulation, or to your crawlspace insulation. You can call us out for full rodent inspection including checking your attic and crawlspace as well as all entryways into your home. assessing what hole should be filled, and where we should place bait and traps to eliminate the problem and going forward. If you suspect that you have rodents around your home, call us today. 8437956767 Thank you