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Advanced Termite and Pest Control is a certified licensed and insured, reliable pest control company in Charleston, SC. We offer the best protection against Formosan and Eastern Subterranean termites. We also offer quality, reliable pest control of many varieties. Our services include fire ants, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas and more.

Our professional pest control technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and drug-free. So, they are committed to providing superior, reliable pest control service you can count on. The entire staff at Advanced is educated and experienced in pest control in Charleston, SC. This includes protection of property, people, and animals.

As a locally owned and operated company, we proudly provide honest, quality pest control in Charleston, SC. As a result, we’ve been treating and protecting properties around the tri-country from termites and pests for over10 years! Consequently, we have customers all over the low country that consider us the most reliable pest control company in Charleston. We do pest control in Summerville, to Mount Pleasant, to Johns Island, and everywhere in between. Our goal is to make your experience as hospitable as possible. So, during office hours there will always be someone available to answer your call. In other words, a national call center will never answer our phones, and our staff is dedicated to providing you with the utmost customer service.


We understand how hectic life can be. Fortunately, we can treat your property without you having to be there! In fact, we do not need to go inside for many of the treatments we provide. If you would like to be home during your service, our team will work with you to schedule a time that best works for you and your family.


Our treatments are kid and pet safe as well as environmentally friendly! An extra safety measure is implemented by applying products outside the structure and only in key areas. It is important to keep the product secluded to areas that are in need of treatment. We also offer a full range of botanical and/or conventional products. Otherwise known as Green Pest Control.


Providing our customers with valuable service is top priority for us here at Advanced Termite + Pest Control. Therefore, we decided that with our standard service, our customers will receive 6 treatments per year. Other companies usually offer 4 treatments.

Testimonial from one of our many happy customers:

“This past Tuesday I was greeted by Thomas Rounds and was told that he was now taking care of this area. I was sadden a little because I was going to miss Kevin. However to my surprise Mr. Rounds made me see with his actions and work ethics that where Mr. Hunt left off he immediately pick up. 

I’m noticing that the pleasant personality and the hard worker that they are is not just indicative of them but with Advanced Termite and Pest Control. Even when I receive a call from your office I can feel it. Being in the work field for many years I learn one think about that. This doesn’t happen by chance. It starts from the top. I would like to thank you for that. Also I wanted to share with you a brief experience… I was approach at my door with another exterminating company. One of the questions asked was: “What can I do to have your business?” And I said, ” you can’t. I like the company I’m with. I like the people. They’re professional, courteous, and do not pressure me in any way”. So then he left. So seeing how Thomas and Kevin worked my property convinced me that I made the right choice. Thanks again and keep up the good work and morale.” 


Your licensed and insured pest control service is fully guaranteed! That means if you have any issues at all we are happy to come back and fix the problem for free.

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