Kiawah & Seabrook Island Pest Control

Shells on Kiawah Island Beach

Kiawah & Seabrook island homeowners face constant challenges when it comes to dealing with troublesome pests. Advanced Termite & Pest Control is an experienced Kiawah & Seabrook Island pest control company. We’re prepared to tackle even your toughest pest issues. So, you can be confident your pest issue will be resolved in a safe, professional way.

Every pest is different which makes choosing a pest control company that has extensive experience dealing with a wide range of pests is essential. The strategy for treating Termites is different than the one for treating Mosquitoes, so having someone who understands how to fight each type of pest is essential.

If you’re homeowner on Kiawah or Seabrook island, you may know how much damage pests can have. Pests affect not only on the health and safety of your family, but also the structural integrity of your home. Pest infestations that aren’t treated properly can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and can significantly lower the value of your home.

If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to be at home when we come, it’s not a problem. Our perimeter pest control treatments targeted areas around the perimeter of your home, so often times we don’t even need to go into your home.

It’s just a fact of life that the warm, humid South Carolina climate is a perfect environment for pests to live and breed. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them ruin your enjoyment of our beautiful area. If you’re ready to take back your home from pests, give us a call. Our work is guaranteed to last.