Pantry Pests

Pantry Pests and Weevils

Pantries are a common place for many different pests to infest. If you think about it, a small crumb is a nice sized meal for a tiny bug. So, you can imagine the jackpot pantry pests hit when they settle down in your dry food storage area. The video above shows a Weevil enjoying some spiral pasta noodles all to himself. This Weevil came straight from one of our customers’ pantry.  Can you see the holes in the noodles where he’s eaten the pasta? Weevils are actually beetles that belong to the superfamily Curculionoidea. There are almost 100,000 different species of Weevils all over the world! They don’t eat meat, so they’re technically herbivorous. They especially like grains like rice and pasta, which is why they are often referred to as rice beetles or pasta beetles.

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