Wildlife & Rodent Control

Wildlife control is a fact of life for residents of Charleston and the surrounding areas. Our beautiful section of the country offers a wonderful blend of urban and rural, city and wilderness. But while that makes for a wonderful sense of natural beauty, it also means that we often have to deal with unwanted wildlife in and around our properties. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, our safe, humane and effective wildlife removal services will help keep your family safe and your property protected.

Rabid Raccoon

Not a friendly critter

We are equipped to deal with a wide range of wildlife control issues. If you’re having a problem with rats or mice, our extermination procedures will help make sure they’re gone and never come back. When it comes to larger animals, such as snakes, possums and raccoons, we are able to capture them alive and safely relocate them to the National Forest in Awendaw.

Unlike some animal control companies, we use an integrated approach to pest management. This means that we approach the problem in multiple ways, depending on the situation and the type of animal that needs removing. After our trained and certified technicians identify the animal and get a better understanding of your current situation, they will then use a customized combination of live traps, snares, repellents and exclusion devices to safely capture the animal or animals.

If you’re currently dealing with a wildlife problem near your home or property, give us a call or send us a message for a consultation. We guarantee all of our work and we strive to make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied.

So don’t let unwanted animals and wildlife threaten your property or family. We can help!


Not all wildlife is bad!  Here is one of newest team members, John, making friends with some “pet” squirrels.

John rodent  However, we understand not everyone wants to make friends with the local squirrels,  so John is your guy for trapping these guys also.  We always release them in a safe environment, away from your home.