Green Pest Control

GREEN Pest Control

We are a green pest control company in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area. To us that means applying products away from people and pets, limit concentration to just what is needed, and manage frequency of application. We think that it’s important to minimize potential harm to you, your family, and your pets; beneficial creatures like butterflies, honey bees, and fish too! Our eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach brings you targeted results with a smaller environmental footprint. Pest control products have been greatly improved in the area of environmental acceptability since the days of long-term residual insecticides such as DDT. It is usually possible to control pests by treating the outside, with no interior applications. We always look for exclusion opportunities.

We Use Green Pest Control Products

We use natural organic pest control products in our termite control, mosquito control, and other pest control services. BTI is a larvicide, which utilizes a natural biological active ingredient that is completely non-toxic and very insect specific. Other larvicides such as Altosid and Abate are used to control mosquitoes and disease in drinking water. ULV adulticides can biodegrade completely in as little as 4 hours. We also use products formulated with residual properties, such as micro encapsulated options that are designed to biodegrade more slowly.

Highly targeted application permits it to come in contact with more target pests thereby increasing its effectiveness, without environmental harm. The physical fate of products vary due to the influences of site specific conditions such as soil pH, UV radiation, rainfall, microbial action and others. Overall, the products we apply are selectively toxic to target insects, biodegradable with low toxicity. We use ‘the good stuff’ and take great care in its application.

For more information on our green pest control services, please give us a call!