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Advanced Termite + Pest Control is a quality pest control company in Charleston, South Carolina. We are a locally owned and operated company. Therefore, we think of our customers as friends and neighbors. That means applying products away from people and pets. While our products are safe for pets and people, we limit the application exclusively to where it is needed in order to limit exposure. In addition, we manage frequency of applications to reduce product. We do this because it is important to minimize potential harm to you, your family, and your pets. In addition, this is actually vital for beneficial creatures like butterflies, honey bees, and fish too! Our eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach brings you targeted results with a smaller environmental footprint. We also offer green, or organic pest control.

Green Pest Control

What exactly does green pest control mean? You might imagine a green liquid being applied in a home. However, most of us know that if something is “green” it is environmentally friendly. In our case, green means organic pest control. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, even our inorganic products are safe for your children and pets. However, people are more cautious than ever about the products they are using. So, we wanted to offer an organic pest control option.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Firstly, green pest control creates a healthy environment for you and your family or coworkers. Secondly, it creates a natural environment for pets. While our regular pest control products are safe for pets and children, we always suggest letting the product dry before the kids and pets go play in the yard.

Unfortunately, sometimes the organic products don’t work as well as the inorganic products do. This would be a special situation. The infestation would be too extensive for organic products. However, we have many customers the utilize the organic pest service option.

what is Green pest control

Green pest control typically involves natural substances that range from soaps, salt and vinegar to pyrethrum and lime sulfur. We use natural pest control products in our termite control, mosquito control, and other pest control services. Overall, the products we apply are selectively toxic to target insects, biodegradable with low toxicity. We use ‘the good stuff’ and take great care in its application.

Organic Pest Control
organic pest control for your garden

Mother Earth News launched an Organic Pest Control Survey in order to learn more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to limiting the damage pests can do in an organic vegetable garden. Around 1,300 gardeners from across North America responded. This survey provided new, region-specific insight into organic pest control.

worst pests in your garden

Slugs took the honors as the most damaging pest in home gardens, with 55 percent of respondents saying the slugs give them trouble year after year. The most popular pest control option respondents reported that hand picking was their pest control of choice for slugs. Instead of hand picking those slimy critters out of your plants, our organic pest control is the perfect solution.


Squash bugs had invaded summer and winter squash for 51 percent of respondents. Most gardeners reported using handpicking as their primary defense, along with cleaning up infested plants at season’s end to interrupt the squash bug life cycle. Those are options, but Advanced Termite and Pest Control can make the solution easier.


Aphids were on the watch list of 50 percent of respondents, but the success rates of various control techniques were quite high. Pruning off the affected plant parts and applying insecticidal soap, were reported effective. However, having a professional assess the situation is always the best, more effective option.

Organic Pest Control in Charleston, SC area

If you live in Charleston or the surrounding areas, Advanced Termite and Pest Control services Summerville pest control, Goose Creek pest control, Folly Beach pest control, Isle of Palms pest control, and everything in between. If you are looking for any kind of pest control, call or text us at 843-795-6767. Or, if you prefer, you can email us at