Mosquito Season is Here!

Our pest control expert, Mark Marenakos, was featured in a Live 5 News segment called FIGHT THE BITE. This story on how to combat those pesky mosquitoes is here just in time for mosquito season. Mark is the owner of one of the most trusted, reliable pest control companies in Charleston, SC. He’s been the owner and president of Advanced Termite and Pest Control for almost a decade. In this video, you will hear Mark speaking about properly treating mosquitoes in Charleston and why helping people combat against them brings him joy.

If you are a Charleston Local, you know how relentless these mosquitoes are in our area. Charlestonians often

Mosquito Season in Charleston

Advanced Termite + Pest Control Owner, Mark Marenakos

joke that mosquitoes are the South Carolina State Bird because of how prevalent they are. Especially during Mosquito Season. Charleston’s Mosquito Season is March through October, and during this period, mosquitoes are everywhere.

Mosquitoes’ favorite part of the day is between dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes love still standing water because they lay their eggs in this kind of environment. For this reason, it is important to empty anything in your yard that can hold water such as flower pots/boxes, bird feeders, coolers, mini pools, dog bowls, etc. Taking this simple precaution will help keep mosquitoes away. For more mosquito information or tips on how to control them, check out the video below and out social media here at Advanced Termite and Pest Control!