Advanced Termite and Pest Control has been providing Charleston Mosquito Control Services for over 10 years. We treat the specific areas where mosquitoes live and breed on your property. We also provide a homeowner checklist detailing how you can help prevent their reproduction in the future! Our service does reduce mosquitoes significantly. It does not replace the need for you to protect people and pets from mosquito bites. The reason is that mosquito treatments are a reduction rather than a complete elimination. So, the treatment unfortunately can not prevent illnesses or diseases that could occur from mosquitoes or other pests. However, with the large amount of mosquitoes we get, everyone in the Charleston area should have mosquito control. This is because the mosquito reductions will significantly reduce those risks as well.

Be comfortable in your own yard!

Mosquitoes rest on the underside of leaves, foliage, and other materials. So, that’s where we target our treatments. We safely treat shrubbery and trees within 6-10 feet of the ground, and up to 100 feet away. Your property is thoroughly inspected to help identify breeding areas that contribute to problems. The checklist provided to the property owner will detail how to limit their reproduction in the future.

Mosquito Control Services

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