You Found This Page Because You Have Problem With Mosquitos, Watch Our Video Now To Learn How We Can Help, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Welcome to Advanced Termite + Pest Control, your pest and termite experts in Charleston!

You’re here because you’re having an issue with the mosquitoes that are emerging with the rising temperatures.

Mosquitoes are a huge nuisance in SC, we have over 61 different species!  They carry disease like West Nile, eastern equine Encephalitis and heartworm in cats and dogs.

We offer a monthly mosquito reduction service that starts with a thorough inspection of your outdoor space.  We look for conducive conditions that attract mosquitoes and become breeding grounds.

We treat the underside of bushes and foliage where the tend to live and breed.  We will point out any problem areas like standing water or overgrown landscaping that will cause mosquito activity.

We will treat around your doors and entry ways and into the outer areas of your yard as well.

Take back your yard and call Advanced Today for a free assessment. (843) 795-6767