Ant Infestation

Ant infestations are a common household nuisance, both indoors and outdoors.  Contrary to what some people think, ants are often difficult to eliminate. Using a household ant killer is often not enough.  In order to get rid of an ant colony, you must first find the nest and eliminate the queen.  The easiest way to do that is to follow the ants’ trail.  This is because ants naturally follow their trail so they can find their way. Killing an ant trail, while effectively killing the visible ants, will only cause the colony to relocate and create another trail.

Ants can nest in a multitude of places, including soil and producing mounds, in homes behind baseboards, counter-tops and moldings and also in damaged or water logged wood.  Typically ants do not cause too much damage structurally, although carpenter ants can cause structural damage over time. Usually, ants are infesting your food. So, it is important to properly store your groceries to keep ants and other pests out of your home.

For more helpful information and descriptions of different types of ant species, check out this article: Ant Infestation Information

If you notice ant trails in or around your home similar to the one pictured below, please call Advanced Termite and Pest Control before treating it yourself!

ant infestation

Ant Infestation