Kiawah Island Bobcats

The Kiawah Island bobcats near Charleston, SC have maintained a healthy population in the past few decades. Local biologists now estimate there are less than 10 on the island as of Summer 2020. The bobcat population has been decreasing due to the deer over-population on the Kiawah. However, primarily SGA rodenticide has majorly impacted the bobcat population. In response to these pesticide related bobcat deaths, the Town of Kiawah would like to put a temporary ban on the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides. However, Town officials say they can’t regulate or prohibit the use of SGAs. The ordinance Kiawah was ready to pass in April was unsuccessful.

Instead, the Town of Kiawah has been encouraging all pest control companies and residents in the area to become Bobcat Guardians. To be a Bobcat Guardian, local pest control companies like Advanced Termite and Pest Control have pledged to use products not containing second-generation anticoagulants. These pesticides are meant to kill rodents, so after a rodent ingests these chemicals, the SGA gets passed down the food chain to the bobcat.

The Town and the Kiawah Conservancy have requested the ban to the South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation. If granted, they hope to remove the products to help the bobcat population grow. To learn more about the Kiawah Island Bobcats and the town’s preservation efforts, click here.

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Bobcats Kiawah Island

We commit to using non SGA products to protect bobcats on the island

Kiawah Island Bobcats