Increase in Rodent Activity

Restaurant Closures Bring Increase in Rodent Activity

The shut down of non-essential businesses due to COVID 19 brought unexpected changes in many ways. One thing that changed with restaurant closures is an increase in rodent activity in many cities. New York, New Orleans, and Charleston are a few cities noticing the spike in rodents seen out looking for food. You can see our owner, Mark Marenakos’ comments on the matter in the Post and Courier’s article, “This is Our Town”. He talks about how we’ve had an increase in all pest control calls. Rodents probably are migrating away from closed restaurants looking for food. In addition, people are at home all the time now. They might be noticing pests they wouldn’t have if they were at work our out and about.

‘Mark Marenakos, owner of Advanced Termite and Pest Control on Ashley River Road, said he’s had more [rodent activity calls]. Once a rat finds a place that’s comfortable and has a steady supply of food, it won’t likely go back to a dumpster a few streets over when they start filling back up.

“I suspect more people are noticing the presence of pests because they are home more, or maybe their tolerance for friction is a little diminished,” Marenakos said. “It could be that as much as it is the rats.”’

Rodent Activity


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