How to Get Rid of Termites

Figuring out how to get rid of termites can be stressful. However, when working with a professional, termites can be eliminated. It is important to use a trusted company that uses effective, quality products to eliminate the infestation. Termite infestations can be especially damaging while some pests are just simply creepy. Termite damage alone causes over $5 billion dollars in property damages yearly. In places with warm, humid climates, termites flourish. This is why Charleston, SC home and business owners must be proactive when it comes to protecting their properties from termites.

How to get rid of termites: Advanced’s way

Advanced Termite and Pest Control provides the best pest and termite treatments. We have been for over 10 years now. Our termite protection is the best available on the market. How we get rid of termites is by using our Sentricon Baiting Stations rather than a liquid treatment. The video posted above is a great entertaining and informative video on this topic. Not only are the stations more effective. The baiting stations are so much better for the environment. These two major factors of Sentricon science earned the original Sentricon system is the only termite product awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

How to get rid of termites - Active termite activity in a close up shot

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