Rodents love making themselves at home between walls, under crawlspaces, and inside attics. Additionally, cold weather will motivate them to seek indoors even more. Moreover, we’ve got an especially pesky rodent situation going on in this Charleston home, trying to figure out how to get rid of mice. Typically, a rodent inspection and ongoing maintenance is simple and effective. However, this home is on the marsh. Unfortunately, homes near oceans, lakes, marshes, etc. are more likely to have rodent issues. And this particular rodent mama is very smart!

Firstly, If you didn’t see the Part 1 video of this series, check that out here! You will see us detecting the rodents with an infra-red camera. It is fun and educational to see the rodents being detected by the infra-red camera.

This video, Part 2, shows our first attempt at getting rid of the rodent issue after the detection. One of the most common pest control related questions is: how to get rid of mice. Importantly, at Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we want to remove the wildlife humanely if at all possible. Here, you can see Advanced Termite and Pest Control’s catch and release traps set up and secured at their entrance/exit. This way, we can catch the rodent safely and release them humanely.

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Additionally, we are going to be filming this epic mouse hunt. So, be sure to follow us on social media to see how we’re finally able to get them out.

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How to get rid of Mice - Rodent shown drinking from creek or pond.