Gnats or “no see ums” are arguably the most pesky pest we have in Charleston, SC. They’re so small that you can hardly seem them unless they are in good lighting. Maybe the gnats in the Charleston area have been getting larger over the generations while their term “no see ums” has continued to be passed down.

Many people unfamiliar with the gnats sometimes think they’re mosquitoes. However, the gnat is much smaller than the mosquito. However, the itchy, red welts they leave are equally as annoying. The size of the bite mark is significant considering the size of a gnat. The gnat bite is typically pretty itchy as well.

These pests usually swarm in significantly sized groups such as the ones shown in the video above. You could walk right through a wall of them and not notice until you’ve been bitten, or worse, breath one in.

Gnat Control

Gnat Control can be added to our Pest Plus service for a discounted rate. You also have the option to do just a one time treatment, or you can have us come out monthly or bi-monthly. We suggest the recurring pest maintenance rather than a one time treatment to ensure as little gnats on your property as possible. Our pest control technicians are trained professionals. They know where and how to target the products in order to receive the best results. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we have the same common goal as our customers. We want to eradicate whatever infestation or infestations they might be dealing with. We want to do it for a fair price and with the utmost professionalism and quality.

Gnats in Charleston

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Types of Gnats:
Fungus Gnat-small and black, attracted to plants and decaying organic material

Fruit Fly- Small, brown with red eyes; loves ripe or rotten fruits and veggies

Phorid Fly- Looks like a fruit fly but with black eyes; walks in zig-zig motion.