A Bit About Fleas

Here at Advanced Termite and Pest Control we are often called upon for flea services. Whether it’s treatment for a current flea problem or preventative yard treatments, we can help.  In our prime service area: Charleston, North Charleston, Johns Island, James Island, Mt. Pleasant, Goose Creek, Summerville, the cat flea is nearly always the kind found on cats and dogs. Fleas have a 2-3 month lifespan and can live 2 to 3 months without a host. Even if you’re treating your pet, which is a good idea, fleas can be a problem here in the low-country.

Flea Facts

A Pest Management Professional (PMP) is well suited to handle flea infestations. Fleas have a multi-stage life cycle: egg, larvae, pupae and adult. So it’s vital to target every stage in an effective way. Retail “flea bombs” for example do not affect eggs, which are protected within a tough shell. The eggs can hatch and grow successfully after the bomb has dissipated. Treating interior infested areas like pet beds, furniture, etc. is typically not enough. A thorough flea treatment usually includes exterior areas with residual product too.

Call a Professional

Contact us! A technician can assess your situation and bring fast relief! We are highly trained in the use of products that will target all life stages of the flea including the egg. Residual products extend control. Put your pet(s) on flea preventative treatments. It has been our observation that monthly pill style has greater efficacy than the topical drops. And the drops have been known to spread long lasting insecticide in areas beyond just the pet. Vacuum all surfaces including hard floors frequently: eggs are too small to notice and their removal is important. Wash or remove infested  bedding, clothing, etc with HOT water and set the dryer high heat on high.