Massive Swarmer Infestation on windowsillTermite Swarmers occur every spring in the Lowcountry, I’m sure you’ve experienced them at some point, you may even be seeing them now.

Most common for Charleston are eastern subterranean swarmers, however we’ve been treating many homes lately for Dry Wood Termite Swarmers, which also swarm in the springtime.

Drywood Termites swarm with one goal- to expand their colony in new locations.  The swarmers emerge, take flight to mate, and then shed their wings.  A queen will then search for a hole or gap to enter and lay her eggs. Access points where they enter structures can be via your crawlspace, gaps in siding, around your windows and doorframes, under eaves and even under your roof shingles.

Drywood termites have much smaller colonies then subterranean termites and infestations are typically confined to a small area.  Like their name indicates they prefer old, dried out wood and unlike other termites they don’t need outside water sources, they metabolize their own.

Identification is key.  If you’re seeing termites of any kind a trained termite technician from our team can identify and propose a treatment plan.   You may see droppings or exit holes where they push out excess matter from the nest or live or dead termites repeatedly found in the same area.

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