Mosquito ControlAre you being pushed indoors this spring due to an influx of mosquitoes in and around your home?

Mosquitoes are happy in any weather over 55 degrees. They rest on the underside of leaves, foliage, and other materials such as gutters and yard debris.  So that is where we target our treatments.  We safely treat shrubbery and trees within 6-10 feet of the ground.  Mosquitoes lay their eggs near or directly in a water source and these eggs can survive, even in dry conditions for a few months.  So those pet bowls, children’s toys and playsets can be the perfect breeding ground for mosquito infestations.

Besides causing bites and making you itchy and uncomfortable, mosquitoes carry diseases that effect both people and pets like West Nile, Zika and heartworm disease, which is especially dangerous for dogs and cats.

While our treatments don’t take away the need to treat your pets and protect yourself with mosquito repellants you can take back your yard with our seasonal mosquito reduction package or our Pest Plus Bundle Package, which extends treatments into your yard and outer areas too. We will provide a homeowner checklist detailing how you can prevent their reproduction in the future.

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