We love Charleston’s warm climate! Except for the heavy humidity. High humidity increases moisture in the air that condenses in the cooler crawlspace areas of your home or business. This causes wood destroying fungi, mold, rot and polluted air that invades your home. Our treatments kill and inhibit the growth of those toxins and viruses.

What is crawlspace encapsulation?

Encapsulation of the crawlspace involves sealing all vents. We also properly install a fully reinforced vapor barrier over the crawlspace floor. Then, we attach it to columns and walls without mechanical fasteners. In other words, no drilling into your foundation! additionally, we use only a permanent adhesive that does no damage and forms a tighter seal than other more invasive procedures.
In conclusion, a sealed crawlspace better excludes pests, rodents and wildlife. Pests can expose wires, tear up insulation, chew holes in pipes, and create unsanitary messes. Crawlspace encapsulation will control the moisture in your home. It will also inhibit the growth of toxins and viruses.

Santa Fe Humidifiers

Dehumidifiers can drastically protect your home or business if you own property in the Charleston area. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we use only the most effective products for our customers. So, that is why we install Santa Fe Dehumidifiers when doing Crawlspace Encapsulations. This is how it works. First, humid air is pulled into the dehumidifier through the high-efficiency air filter. Then, it passes over the evaporator coil. The cold surface of the evaporator coil combined with the humid air forces water to condense.  This causes droplets form on the coil. Next, water drops into the drain pan and runs out of the dehumidifier through the drain tube. The now cold, dry air passes over the condenser coils and is heated. This warm, dry air is then supplied to the location(s) with too much moisture. You can learn more about Santa Fe and dehumidifiers here.

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