A Wood Moisture Inspection, or CL 100, is required when applying for a home loan in the state of South Carolina. So, if you are planning on buying a home in the Charleston area, you will most likely need this inspection. The CL 100 Report must be completed by a professional using a form that is provided by the state. The purpose of a CL 100 is to make sure the home is structurally sound. It is also important to be sure that moisture levels are not causing any wood destroying organism infestations. A wood destroying organism could be fungi, mold, or of course, termites. In order to be valid, the inspection must be completed within 30 days of the real estate transaction.

CL 100
extreme termite damage on a home
Termite Damaged Wood
Wood Destroying Organism Protection and Treatment

If your home has too much damage from wood destroying organisms, it could halt your transaction. This is one reason why protecting your home from termites is essential. You can learn more about our top of the line termite protection on our Termite Control page. The crawlspace is often where high moisture levels occur. Moist wood causes conducive wood destroying organism conditions. Advanced Termite and Pest Control can also protect your crawlspace with our Crawlspace Encapsulation services.

You can learn more about CL 100 ‘s and purchasing a home in South Carolina here.


Advanced Termite and Pest Control works closely with many of the Charleston area realtors. Our job is to make sure that you, as the buyer of a new or old home, get what you need. We want to ensure that you are not buying a home with severe damages. How terrible would that be if you find out there are termites, or moisture problems after closing? Let us set your mind at ease.

If you are a realtor in need of a pest control company that can respond quickly, then look no further. Advanced Termite and pest control does CL 100 (Wood Infestation Reports) inspections in all surrounding Charleston areas. Realtors who plan to use us for repeat inspections, please ask about our Loyalty Realtor Discount.

Clear Letters

There is a huge misunderstanding that a CL 100 must have a “clear” letter. Unfortunately, this myth was developed by real estate agents as a slang term that the lender is asking for someone to resolve the issues on the wood infestation report.  If the report comes back and needs repairs, some agents will say this CL 100 is not clear. However, all the lender is asking is for proof that the issues have been resolved. additionally, all that is required by a lender or attorney is an invoice from a licensed contractor stating the damages were repaired – not a letter.