Organic pest control and green pest control products address insect, rodent, rat, flea, roaches, mosquito, and bedbug control. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we are passionate about eco-friendly, integrated pest management (IPM) because this approach focuses on practices that control and suppress pest populations below the economic injury level.

Integrated Pest Management focuses on seven key steps in order to resolve pest concerns and ensure safety for you and your environment.

Step 1: Routine Pest Control Inspections

The cornerstone of an effective IPM program is a schedule of regular inspections.

Step 2: Preventive Action

Regular inspections reveal vulnerabilities to address in your pest management program.

Step 3: Identification

Different pests have different behaviors. By identifying the problematic species, pest management is more efficient with the least harm to non-target organisms.

Step 4: Analysis

Once pests are correctly identified, our team figures out why they’re in your home, office, or facility. Food debris? Moisture? Access spots?

Step 5: Treatment Selection

Green pest control practices use specially formulated treatment plans designed to keep pesticides out of your home, office, or property. For instance, by targeting pests outside, where they come from, your family and pets are protected.

Step 6: Monitoring

Continually monitoring your facility for pest activity that results in operational changes protects against infestation and helps eliminate existing ones. For instance, if we see signs of an insect early we can address and resolve before concerns magnify.

Step 7: Integrated pest management Documentation

Essential documents include a scope of service, pest activity reports, service reports, corrective action reports.


In addition to the understanding of how an organic pest control plan is executed, it is important to understand these important reasons why it’s important to use these techniques.


Integrated Pest Management Infographic

Photo credit: National Pesticide Information Center


Create a healthy environment for your family, friends, and co-workers.

Organic, green pest control is better for the environment. Therefore, IPM creates a solution to address only trouble areas around your property. For instance, many sprays and control elements used are manufactured organically with biological products like botanicals, unique flowers, and natural repellants. 


Create a safe environment for your pets.

The bushes, gardens, and grassy areas around your house are vital areas to focus on to avoid harmful insects. The tricky thing is, this is the same area where your pets and family play.  Above all, eco-friendly pest control is the best and safest solution. 


A healthy environment for crucial pollinators.

Not all insects are undesirable. However, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators carry pollen from plant to plant and flower to flowers. In other words, bees are responsible for pollinating nearly 85% of all food crops for humans. Therefore, a green, organic pest control process is essential to the health of our environment.  Organic pest control with IPM promotes a healthy environment for these important insects.


Efficient plans with routine maintenance, reporting, and management. 

Green pest control promotes safety for the air, soil, and water by applying safe products directly to the most critical areas. In other words, organic pest control focuses on finding solutions outside of chemicals like crawl space inspection, exterior sealing, trapping, and more. 


Enjoy the fresh air.

Eco-friendly methods do not have a harsh smell. Therefore, there are no strong scents or residue! Our specialists apply green products outdoors. Therefore, the products will not spread in your home. Sustaining a pleasant environment, organic pest control is not detrimental to air quality. 


A friend to our ozone.

Organic insecticides produce fewer greenhouse gases. Therefore, green solutions produce fewer effects on carbon footprints and contribute to the conservation of nature and our environment. 


Pest-free yards and safe landscaping.

Green insecticides pose no threat to your landscapes. In other words, your grass, bushes, and other plants will be healthy and pest-free. The products do not stay buried or linger in your soil or atmosphere. 

In conclusion, be safe and ensure that you are using eco-friendly pest control methods! Call us to learn how you can get started with an organic, clean pest control plan today.