Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are fairly easy to identify in their adult stage as they are visible to the naked eye. They are flat, wingless and have six legs. Their color can range from white to brown to rust red. They cannot fly but can move quickly and will hide together anywhere from mattresses to curtains or picture frames.

A female can produce hundreds of eggs, which are only the size of a speck of dust. They feed on exposed areas of skin and cause small bites to appear.


There are numerous ways to treat for bed bugs effectively. We don’t recommend a DYI, but what you can do is as soon as you see signs of bed bugs or have bites, is wash and dry all infested bedding at the hottest temperature for at least 30 minutes. You can also vacuum the entire mattress in preparation for treatment. Don’t forget to empty the bag or canister immediately into a sealed bag and place outside. After treatment, be sure to protect your mattress and pillows by placing a protective cover over them.

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