Active Termites

This video shows an active termite infestation inside a tree stump. Obviously, seeing termites in your house is alarming. However, active termites in a tree or on a tree stump often means they are in your house too. Particularly if you do not have any termite protection. Charleston homeowners should have termite protection even if there is no current termite activity. Charleston has the highest concentration of Formosan termites in the nation. So, chances are high that you will get termites. Unless, you have a Termite Baiting System. We use Trelona Baiting Stations rather than liquid protection. Baiting systems are the best termite protection available. Not to mention it is substantially better for the environment than liquid termite treatments. You can learn more about the benefits of a Termite Baiting System rather than liquid termite treatments on our termite service page.

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Active Termites in Charleston, SC.